Differentiating Domain Registration And Web Hosting

The advent of internet has made it possible for the businesses to flourish in an extensive way. It is possible for you to reach your customers in an easy manner without spending much over the promotion. With internet, it is possible to reach the customers in an easier manner. All that you need to do is to make a website on your own that contain all the details which you need to convey to the customers. This can be easily accessed by the customers. When you are creating a website, you should think about launching it. There are two different possibilities available for you to launch your website; you can either do that by web hosting or by registering a domain. There are certain companies who offer you with these services. You should choose any of these services for your website, it is essential for you to know about the difference between these two before you choose any one of these.


*Domain Registration:

Domain registration acts in the same way you get your house address. When you buy a domain, you are getting assigned with an address for the website of your company. The address of your website need to be unique and if you are trying to register for the same address that already exists the company that provides you with the service will ask you to choose another address because the same address can result in domain name conflicts. There are certain things that you need to consider while you are registering for a domain.


1. Relevance of Domain Name:

The first thing is that the domain name that you are choosing for the website should be something that reflects the kind of business that you are choosing. Choosing a domain name that has no connection with your kind of service or product cannot be much beneficial for you.


2 . Extensions for Domain Name:

The domain registration needs to have an extension. There are various different kinds of extensions available that include .com, .org, .in, .uk etc. These extensions have their own meaning and should not be chosen just like that. According to the characteristics of your business, you need to choose the extension.


3. Company to Register the Domain:

The company that you are choosing for registering the domain name should be chosen with careful examination. You need to compare the prices offered by the companies for the domain name that you want to choose and also the services provided by them. If you find a company that is appropriate for you in terms of pricing as well as services, then you can choose the company for registering the domain name.


*Web Hosting:

Once the domain is registered, then you need to put your website live on the internet. This can be accomplished only through web hosting. There are many companies that provide you with different web hosting packages and they take care of the other processes after the registering process of the domain which involves placing on a server and linking with internet.


1. Shared Type of Web Hosting:

This is a kind of web hosting that is designed for those who need a large amount of space in the server as well as bandwidth. Most of the websites that work in the niche of ecommerce make use of this kind of web hosting services as they expect large amount of traffic. The web hosting companies place all the similar companies on their site with a server that is shared in nature along with different features and resources that are also shared.


2. Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting services require a separate server for the website and it has all the rights to decide the resources, software and other features required by it. There won’t be problems related with space problems and bandwidth troubles in the case of this kind of web hosting.


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