Is CAPTCHA killing your WordPress Site’s SEO conversion rate?

Guest posts are a subject of hatred for many pro-bloggers and authorities but not the reason for rejection of the post. It is something else that results in rejection of it. The rejections come at the time when there is huge demand of the guest bloggers especially the seasoned ones. So in order to understand the reason of rejection it is very essential to understand why our guests posts are accepted. Or is it just that  its the CAPTCHA killing your Wordpress Site’s SEO conversion rate? So lets take a deep dive into the world of blogs and guests posts. 


What leads to the acceptance of a guest blog on any website


There are more than dozen of reasons for the acceptance of your guest post in any blog or website. A thorough evaluation and utility of the write up is tested in terms of the value it brings to the particular website or blog. The guests posts have a reason, a purpose. They are meant to fill the void the regular content is not able to fill. It to improvise the quality quotient of the website or blog.


The void could be maintaining regular update on the website without fail. It can also serve to provide the readers a new experience, something that they could consider other than normal or regular. The reason could be giving a different dimension to the website or blog. It can be just giving rest to the regular team. Whatever the reason may be the purpose is essential and must be met with utmost quality and value.



Unwanted Links


It is a common practice of considering the guests posts as a medium of promoting their products or services. So people load their posts with certain links called affiliate links and sponsored links. Some time it is deliberate and some times the cache or the spam links are making things go bad for you. Do not ever pile up your blogs with affiliate or any other unmatched links that would not meet the defined criteria. You could select and delete bad links or you can also try to delete bad quality links. If its not helping you, it would be advisable to ask for the unnatural links removal services for the same.


Bad Quality of Content


The primary reason in most of the rejection cases is the bad quality of the content. It is not just about the grammar or poor english but much more. The quality is calculated on several grounds including the relevance to the purpose, originality and ability to captivate or simply engage the reader. It should also hold value to the audience, impart meaningful knowledge or insight to them. Sometimes over stuffing the content with too much of keywords could also become the reason of rejection.


It is imperative to have a proper understanding of why, where and for whom the content has to be written for. Make sure your also make it free from any spam links.



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